12 REASONS WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS A BLOG - Have you ever wondered why your business website isn't getting any traffic? Want to know how to best communicate with your clients? Check it out... Here's 12 REASONS WHY You should consider adding a blog to your business website.

Blogging is one of the best ways to communicate with your ideal market. Whether your business is a brick and mortar business, craft business, or an online empire: blogging can be a fabulous tool for generating new business while, staying connected and engaged with your current clients/customers {thus making your job a whole lot easier}. Still not convinced blogging is beneficial? That’s ok, we at Platform Mom are sharing 12 reason why your business should be blogging.

12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

1) Blogging is inexpensive – Let me tell you, blogging is one of the cheapest and most influential business investments you could ever make for your business. I have been blogging for going on 9 years. I have had several crafting businesses and have tried my hand at several other business ventures over the years; in my experience the benefits of blogging far out way the expense every.single.time.

“To make money you have to spend money.” this concept has always been somewhat of a struggle for me. I’m frugal, extremely frugal. So, the thought of spending money on something that wasn’t directly making me money was hard to swallow {at first}. However, the exposure, authority, and presence that a blog provides is unmatched to any other marketing out there at this time.

I am not comfortable with all of the “tech” involved with starting/hosting my own blog. {If you are “techy” by all means you can totally make the venture even more affordable but, today I’m going to share with you what I do/use.}

I have two self hosted website/blogs neither of which I manage the month to month updates. In other words I hire the tech end out on both. I use two different companies for management. {be sure to check them out – if you should decide to use them be sure to tell them I (Jenny Irvine) sent you. I will get a little piece of the pie at no additional cost to you. So, thanks for being awesome!}

My hosting and URL were purchased through SiteGround (hosting starts at as little as $3.95/MO) Yes, you read that right for as little as a cup of coffee you can purchase a URL and have your own hosted website up and running in no time. Web Hosting

If you want to start your own blog? Grayson from iMark Interactive has a great post on just how to do it yourself. You will need to purchase your URL and Hosting. Then, with his step by step instructions I’m sure you can do it!

Or, you maybe you’re like me and really not a fan of  ‘code’. Then, I highly recommend checking out iMark to handle the tech for you. iMark manages my monthly Platform Mom Website. Grayson, is amazing. He is spot on, quick, efficient, and easy to work with. Bonus, if you’re not into the whole tech thing he will set up your blog for FREE. Yes, FREE!

I also use FistBump Media to manage my jennyirvine.com site. Dan’s business and family ethics won me over several years ago. His pricing for monthly management is unmatched to any that I have found. Bonus, I have my own personal email jenny(at)jennyirvine(dot)com at no additional charge. Have employees? No problem, you can have unlimited personal/ professional emails at no additional charge. Have you ever looked into using Google or GoDaddy? They charge $3-$5.00 per email address! Yeah, no thanks.

2) A Blog fuels your Website SEO – So, you have a website already. Yay, that is great! Well, how much traffic do you get? Having a blog helps fuel your websites SEO. Search engines love up to date and valuable content – that is all. Keep your website active with a blog and provide unmatched content marketing to your advantage. You will be rewarded for your efforts in the way of page views. Build a loyal viewer audience and you will have yourself some new raging fans.

3) Be the authority – a blog sets you up for the being leader in your field. Where else can you share your expertise, experience, and know-how for less than a cup of coffee? Every post published helps build brand awareness, product promotion, and serves as a means of customer service.

2 REASONS WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS A BLOG - Have you ever wondered why your business website isn't getting any traffic? Want to know how to best communicate with your clients? Check it out... Here's 12 REASONS WHY You should consider adding a blog to your business website.

4) No design experience required – I used to blog on blogger.com while that was great and easy to use. Using WordPress has been life changing in the way of blogging. You do not need to be a professional designer to have a beautiful space online. There are literally thousands of Themes and Plugins that are very easy to use. Oh yeah, and remember that whole tech thing. While, I don’t do “tech” I do love good graphics and themes. Bonus, when I am uncomfortable with inserting the ‘ HTML codes’ I have a helping hand to guide me through the entire process. {Yes, sometimes I just have iMark or FistBump Media insert the code for me if I am too afraid to do so.}

5) Content marketing at its finest – we have all heard the phrase ‘content marketing’ but, what exactly is it? It’s a strategic marketing approach that focuses on consist, attractive, niche specific content that provides value to your current and potential ideal market. Who is your target market? And, what problems do they have? Solve them via your blog and the other products you create.

6) Communication matters – a blog can provide a great means of communication with current and potential clients/customers. Use your blog to test your big campaigns, new products, and help understand your audiences needs. A blog is a great outlet for marketers to announce a new product release and upcoming events. It’s alway best to pitch your speech on your own property than someone else’s. When we “own the land” the fruits of our labor are that much sweet. Never build a house on borrowed property. In other words when we purchase a URL and hosing {you own that land} thus, you are no longer relying on social media and the press for exposure.

12 REASONS WHY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS A BLOG - Have you ever wondered why your business website isn't getting any traffic? Want to know how to best communicate with your clients? Check it out... Here's 12 REASONS WHY You should consider adding a blog to your business website.

7) It’s fun – blogging is fun. That. is. all. If you aren’t into writing or blogging yourself Platform Mom Services offers a whole host of custom options for your blogging needs. From research, content writing, to social media promotion.

8) Focused and organized – There is no doubt I am more organized when I am blogging. When you are forced to put your ideas on ‘paper’ your once ‘ideas’ become a reality. It is just a fact when you write it down or are held accountable by an audience –  you WILL make it happen.

9) Share your story – your clients/customers want to know you. They want to know your story. How/why did you start your business?

10) Insight – use your blog to get into your readers minds. What are they struggling with? What problems are they facing – can you offer up a solution? Is there a customer service issue you have failed to address? Use your blog to communicate and gain valuable insight – let your audience guide you into your next big product launch. Create what they need. Rather than wasting money on ideas and product launches that may never pan out – invest in a launch that they {your audience} is waiting for you to create.

11) Inspire and encourage – what is your ultimate goal/focus? Inspire and encourage your audience via your blog – no matter what business your in the ultimate goal/focus should be on the ‘client’ . Yes, you are in business to make money – but, without the client/customer you simply have a hobby. Keep your client/customer/audience. Inspire them to ‘do’ more, ‘be’ more, and ‘achieve’ more. Take the focus off of yourself and bring it back to the customer. Encourage them via your blog, build a relationship, and add value to their lives.

12) Build trust, establish relationships, make money – A slight continuation from above but, when we take the time to invest in others they too will invest in us. Build a relationship with your reader/audience/clients. The more that we invest into them they will begin to ‘trust’ us as an influencer. The more positive our influence the more return you will see on your investment. Yes, the blog.

So as you can see, for a minimal start up cost a blog can server as the door to endless marketing opportunities. A blog can help build relationships, provide value, educate, and serve as an opportunity to survey your ideal target market.

What does your ideal target market need? Great, now is the time to go create it!

Struggling to find enough time as it is to get all that needs to be done? Consider hiring a Platform Mom Virtual Assistant {VA} or Content Writer to help keep those plates spinning smoothly.

12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

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