Dear Tired Mom - Tired of Doing it all; Balancing work, life, and family can be tough - JOIN A COMMUNITY that Understands - Platform Mom Connection

HI and WELCOME, I am so glad you’re here – here’s the scoop about our Platform Mom Connection Facebook page

The purpose of our group is for EDUCATION, MENTORING, SUPPORT, and ENCOURAGEMENT! This is NOT a SELF Promotion Page unless a specified post welcomes you to do so.

What IS NOT allowed:

Self Promotion of ANY kind {unless in specified linkup}- Please NO “PM Me for Details” or “DM You” reply’s – If you have something to say that would benefit all members of the Platform Mom Connection then keep it in the feed. {If you are self promoting your business behind the scenes you WILL be removed.}

There is to be NO Posting of Affiliate/Referral Links

Please NO Direct Sales Links {candles, books, wraps, oils, etc.}

Please DO NOT promote or request followers to join another FB Group

Please NO “Follow Me” Requests

NO Direct Linking With the Intent to Drive traffic to your Blog, Business Website, or Social Media Platforms are prohibited.

What IS Allowed:

ONE Post introduction with links back to your blog, business website, or direct sales page.

When responding to questions @ mentions are allowed and encouraged {please DO NOT add entire URL link} ONLY @_____

Parenting Questions, Meal Planning Tips, and Basic Work, Life, and Family Balancing questions.

Questions related to your blog, website, or media promotion {remember no self promoting}

Income Opportunities {no affiliate links to self promo}

Answering of questions in politely and as thorough as possible.

General Conversation, Venting on those hard days, and Encouragement is ALWAYS welcome.

This group soul purpose is to support and encourage one another on our work, life, and family journey – if it is self promoting, controversial, or bashing of anther person/s you will unarguably be removed from the group. Lets work together to keep it clean, enjoyable, and positive. Lord knows there is enough negative in the world lets make this a happy place for all who join our community.

While, this group is not a Christian group board {many are} we welcome all who join here and there will not be any prejudice against gender, religion, favorite color, book, pet, or nail polish color.

Welcome to the Platform Mom Connection – whether you have read these guidelines in their entirety is up to you but, following them is NOT optional. Failure to do so will result in removal from our community.

DISCLOSURE: Jenny Irvine, Platform Mom LLC ,,, and Platform Mom Connection, and all of its associates assume ABSOLUTELY NO responsibility, including but not limited to injury or loss of any kind/form due to the use of information, or participating in activities and conversations found in this group. By becoming the member/participant of the Platform Mom Connection Community, you agree to the terms and conditions stated above.